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Gray GhostGray Ghost

The Life of Col. John Singleton Mosby

James A. Ramage

Narrated by Gary Willprecht

Available from Audible

Book published by The University Press of Kentucky

Confederate John Singleton Mosby forged his reputation on the most exhilarating of military activities: the overnight raid. Mosby possessed a genius for guerrilla and psychological warfare, taking control of the dark to make himself the "Gray Ghost" of Union nightmares. Gray Ghost, the first full biography of Confederate raider John Mosby, reveals new information on every aspect of Mosby’s life, providing the first analysis of his impact on the Civil War from the Union viewpoint.

James A. Ramage is Regents Professor of History at Northern Kentucky University and the author of John Wesley Hunt: Pioneer Merchant, Manufacturer, and Financier and Rebel Raider: The Life of General John Hunt Morgan.


“Offers a lively, immensely detailed record of Mosby's wartime career and a vivid summary of his equally turbulent post-war life.”

New York Times Book Review

“The first full biography of the renowned Confederate partisan ranger”

Appalachian Quarterly

“Undoubtedly the best book to appear on this topic to date.”

Arkansas Historical Quarterly

“Likely to be the best biography of the Confederate partisan leader John S. Mosby for a long time to come.”


“A comprehensive account of the partisan leader, written with objectivity, suspense, humor, and insight.”

Civil War Courier

“Seems destined to become a primer in Civil War biographical writing—and rightfully so.”

Civil War History

“Will stand as an invaluable Mosby reference.”

Civil War News

“No biographer of Mosby has woven the various threads of Mosby’s life together as deftly as Ramage does in this portrait of one of the Civil War’s most compelling figures.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The documented exploits of Mosby and his raiders read like the most exciting adventure fiction.”

Library Booknotes

“A rewarding read for Civil War buffs and those interested in an ambitious, but engaging, description of his exceptional story.”

Ohio Valley History

“An entertaining and informative biography ... reveals in vivid prose why Mosby became such an effective raider in the Virginia theater.”

Bowling Green Daily News

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